Monday, January 31, 2011

Swim Focus

This week and next the team is doing its first of three two week block called Swim Focus. This block will have 5-6 scheduled swims per week with an average of 2200 per swim session. Here is an example of a perfect free style catch:

You can see more examples at and go to videos or just click the link.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Brick Work for HPR Columbus

HPR Columbus kicked off the new year with a Brick Weekend of training that most would say is Crazy A-- Sh--! I once read that you can do as much base training in a day that you want. So I put team HPR Columbus through the test. They have been training since Nov 1, 2010 for six days per week and during build weeks up to 12 hours.

Here is what the four days looked like:

Thursday PM
50min Run with 5 x 30sec Hills in the middle

Friday AM
60min Drill Swim Set
115min Biking on Trainer

Saturday AM into PM
80min Bike on Trainer
15min Run
65min Bike on Trainer
15min Run
50min Bike on Trainer
15min Run
45min Bike on Trainer
15min Run

Sunday AM
120min Run on a flat Snowy Trail
30min Bike on Trainer (small ring recovery spin)

We most definitely suffered together and worked through a lot physically and mentally as individuals. I'm very proud of my athletes and their accomplishments this past weekend. Looking forward to next week's recovery schedule!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Scull Swim Drill

We had a question last night at the bike about a swim drill called sculling. We do the front or middle not the back. Click on sculling and watch.