Friday, December 10, 2010


It's never good to write on the topic of nutrition after wolfing down a Graffiti Burger, large fry and a chocolate milkshake, but here I go.

I will get into more detail and share a few pointers from Sports Nutrition 2 Go in a few weeks, but for now keep it simple. Know that just sleeping you will burn between 1200 – 1800 calories and another 500 or so during the day sitting on your bum. So let's try this for a few weeks and see how we feel.

The Focus is Protein and H2O! You need 8 to 10 grams of protein every 4-5hours you are awake. Trust me, you get carbohydrates in during the day without needing to count them. As for water intake, sips all day long or 6oz every 15min.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Training Block One, Complete!

The HPR 2011 athletes and maybe for most of you readers, the first four week training block has been successfully completed. Anytime you're training through a three week build, (even if it is a base build) the schedule and sessions can be tough. Having teammates, especially during six months out of racing makes it easier and fun.

A few items covered during this four week block:
1. Position and balance on the bike. Comfort is Speed!
2. Stick to the scheduled plan by shortening training sessions, if needed, rather than stacking them to make up.
3. Ask questions (coach welcomes this) and pick your teammates brain about how they juggle life and sport to achieve goals.
4. Practice staying in the moment during training sessions and you will manage this much easier during your races.
5. The recovery week is much needed for the body and the mind, please don't cheat yourself by over booking with this extra time in your week.