Friday, December 10, 2010


It's never good to write on the topic of nutrition after wolfing down a Graffiti Burger, large fry and a chocolate milkshake, but here I go.

I will get into more detail and share a few pointers from Sports Nutrition 2 Go in a few weeks, but for now keep it simple. Know that just sleeping you will burn between 1200 – 1800 calories and another 500 or so during the day sitting on your bum. So let's try this for a few weeks and see how we feel.

The Focus is Protein and H2O! You need 8 to 10 grams of protein every 4-5hours you are awake. Trust me, you get carbohydrates in during the day without needing to count them. As for water intake, sips all day long or 6oz every 15min.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Training Block One, Complete!

The HPR 2011 athletes and maybe for most of you readers, the first four week training block has been successfully completed. Anytime you're training through a three week build, (even if it is a base build) the schedule and sessions can be tough. Having teammates, especially during six months out of racing makes it easier and fun.

A few items covered during this four week block:
1. Position and balance on the bike. Comfort is Speed!
2. Stick to the scheduled plan by shortening training sessions, if needed, rather than stacking them to make up.
3. Ask questions (coach welcomes this) and pick your teammates brain about how they juggle life and sport to achieve goals.
4. Practice staying in the moment during training sessions and you will manage this much easier during your races.
5. The recovery week is much needed for the body and the mind, please don't cheat yourself by over booking with this extra time in your week.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

3 Week Base Build Review

The team is into it's first three weeks of "Base Build" and for those that have been getting in all the training sessions you are probably looking forward to next weeks recovery. November is always tough to get into a committed training schedule, but thanks to your teammates it can be a little easier.

As a coach, I see the bonds being created by the athletes suffering together and through these moments become clearer goals and accountability for each of them. Lots to learn as a newbie and much to remember as a veteran that has taken a few months off. Vince Lumbardi would say on the first day of every summer training camp as he held out a football for everyone to see,
"This is a football". So, this is the time to revisit the basics and build on a solid and understood foundation.

Here are few basics for triathlon:
1. Base Hart Rate means your HR is 70% of your max while in this zone. The longer you stay in this training zone the fitter you will become. "You need to go slow to go FAST"
2. In the pool, the sticking to the rest times are as important as the swimming.
3. On the bike, even peddle strokes (by doing SLD's) will produce much more power and efficiency throughout your ride then mashing.
4. During your run take inventory of your self, from the top of your head to the center of your foot and make sure you are relaxed.
5. While in your warm up and warm down of each discipline focus on staying correct and relaxed. Mental toughness will be learned through this practice.

Remember, we signed up for this sport to have fun and its only the expectations we put on ourselves that might turn the fun into work. Do I want to have fun during this training session or do I want to work? Ask yourself this question before every training session and you will be prepared and rewarded each time.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What got me here?

This is a loaded question I have asked myself numerous times. As it has to do with coaching, I was in need of a group to keep me accountable for this new sport that my brother double dog dared me into.

I took my skills as a security facilitator and put them to use in the triathlon arena. I secured basic things that all athletes need and/or want and reached out to the community. I still thought I should know more about the basics of triathlon. So, I enrolled in the USAT Level 1 coaching class. At the end of the three day symposium they handed out test to become certified, I passed. No, I passed on taking the test. I went to get more knowledge not to be certified. As Socrates said, "knowledge is power". So, know where the bathrooms are at all times and you shall too have the power!

Human Powered Racing was born in January 2004.

And so, seven years of guiding, motivating, creating, training, communicating, teaching, shaping, and racing with teammates of my team HPR in triathlon I have become a coach. Hell I've was always been the coach, I'm just having fun with it now that I have Jeremy.

All this because of a double dog dare in doing a half iron in Panama City, FL.

Thanks Bro, I love you!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Things to know about this Blog

1. I’m not a professional writer and you don’t need to judge me as one.
2. I will journal my coaching experiences of adults and kids in triathlon.
3. You will see a post about two or three time per week
4. There will be no stories of my racing/training, unless I’m coaching.
5. Finally, I will try to enlighten, encourage, entertain, and seldom bore.

I will give you a brief overview about how I came to coaching triathlon in my next post. There will be more details in my profile if you need them or care to know them. I will then pick up next week with my team’s (HPR) 2011 base season and post throughout each phase.